1. General
a. By commissioning me, it is understood that you agree to these terms of service.
b. I reserve the right to alter these terms at any time. Any changes made will not affect active commissions for clients who have agreed to previous terms.
c. I reserve the right to refuse any commission or request at my discretion.
2. Payments
a. Payments are made through PayPal. All prices are in AUD (Australian Dollars) unless otherwise stated.
b. Prices are not negotiable unless otherwise stated.
c. For my own security, I do not start working until payment has been received.
d. If a commission is cancelled by either party, I will refund the payment minus the work that has been done.
e. Refunds will be transferred as soon as is reasonably possible.
3. Commission Process
a. I strive to complete all commissions within a reasonable time.
b. I reserve the right to take as much time as I need to complete a commission.
c. Unless otherwise specified by the client, I will always show the finished sketch to my client and wait for approval before I continue to refine and/or colour the work.
d. For coloured sketches and full rendered illustrations, I will also show a rough coloured version for client approval before I continue to render the illustration.
4. Revisions & Updates
a. I am always willing to make changes throughout the commission process. I expect my clients to be reasonable in this aspect, and I reserve the right to stop working once I feel the practical limit has been reached.
b. I strive to keep my clients up to date with their commission status whenever there is an update available or a change is made to the schedule. Please do not ask me for updates more than once a week. If you have not heard from me yet, there is usually nothing to report.
5. Image Rights
a. As the artist, I reserve the full rights to my artwork. Full rights entail the right to use, publish, re-post and alter the artwork as I wish, as well as selling prints and merchandise of the artwork.
b. My clients have the right to use the artwork for private and non-commercial purposes (i.e. a purpose not intended to make a profit).
c. Commercial use rights to the commissioned artwork may be bought for an additional fee. This will be discussed in private.
6. Artist Notes
a. I strive to always conduct myself in a professional and respectful manner, and I expect my clients to do the same.
b. I will not draw what I consider to be offensive, but I will not judge my clients for their requests, nor make public their beliefs or preferences.
c. I do not draw pornographic content. Please don’t ask.
other terms
1. AI Image Generation
a. Images created by me (Necrosis The Dark) and displayed on this website, or any of my social media pages are not permitted to be used for training or assisting AI image generation models or algorithms.
Last updated:   03 - April - 2024
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